Dare to DO and others will too…


Several years ago I heard this quote when attending Making Things Happen with Lara Casey.  That day, and these words changed my life forever.  And without any of you knowing it, they have changed yours.  Without Lara’s words that day and the promptings of the Holy Spirit, Pursuit 31 would’ve continued as just a dream in my head.  Something snapped in me that day and would never have taken a single step towards what has now come to be.  These words from Marianne Williamson became one of the foundational quotes of Pursuit 31 and to this day I meditate on them constantly.  They changed me.  Deeply.  And I pray they will change you too.

It’s almost as if it’s part of me now… written into my heart as part of the mandate and destiny of my life.  Over and over I hear…


“As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same.”


Those words are the very heart of this ministry.  To help others identify the light that they have within themselves and to encourage them to let it shine.

Because I know, wholeheartedly, that when they do….. when they truly grasp the God nudging inside of them, and have the faith to step into those huge scary unspeakable dreams…..

it WILL  light the fire in another lost and hurting soul to do the same.



If this blessed you today… be the light that lights up others and Share it…. You never know whose world could be changed by these words.




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