A Senior Rep Styled Shoot | By Sarah Teeter

I love this styled sessionSarah Teeter put on for her Senior Reps, isn’t it a adorable! I love the soft colors…and I just want to take a bite of that adorable cake! Thank You Sarah for sharing this session with us!
As a newer photographer I set my goals in January for not only business growth, but planned personal projects as well. I coined my personal goal, Project 12, simply a session or image created for myself each month. April, has been my most elaborate piece so far with my first styled session in an apple orchard for my 2013 Senior models. I knew I wanted to have fun with my girls and I loved the idea of spring blossoms in the orchard. Of course, we had such a crazy downpour of rain all the blossoms came off early, but it was still gorgeous with the green leaves, blue skies, and the first taste of spring. Overall, it ended up being a sun filled, soft, and girly shoot- perfect for a spring session and the chance to be creative after a deary winter.
Since this was a personal project, I used a lot of my own items. From my Grandmother’s lace collection, to old family mason jars, and a white pitcher from Target. Everything blended together nicely and the best part it was affordable, since it was from my own home! The key, I believe, to a styled session is taking the time to pull items together, see how they work with one another, gather and change, and really bring your vision to life. I was nice to not be rushed with the planning process and I value the time I had to mull over props, ideas, and the direction I wanted to accomplish. In the beginning stages I also created a storyboard of images that I felt embraced the colors, goal, and vision of the session. 

The day of the session was beautiful and allowed for me to pre-set up my area. I so enjoyed getting to hang my Grandma’s lace trimmings in the trees, decorate the table, and have the finishing piece, the ruffled cake, on is plate stand. I did work with a fabulous friend/baker (Suzanne Jeppsen) for her to create the cake for me, which we all got to enjoy at the end of the session. The three girls were also from different high schools and had only met one time previously at our senior rep meet and greet, but they did such an amazing job at having a little party in the orchard. I stepped back and allowed the girls to laugh, interact, cut cake, and just enjoy the moment, while I captured the story.
For my first styled session I was pleased with the scene that I was able to create bringing a simple happiness and drive to my photography. I truly believe that by incorporating personal projects and giving back you can further your career, by igniting that passion, inspiration, and dedication to your business. I have another larger personal session I am working on for August to once again fulfill a vision that I have and keep that spark of creativity always burning bright.
Cake: Suzanne Jeppsen
Make Up for the 3 girls: Emily Yerrington
Be sure to check out Sarah’s website, it’s adorable!


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