Beautifully Branded Features Keri Doolittle

When I first met Keri a few years ago at a photography workshop I was immediately drawn in.  Her warmth and zest for life is apparent from the first second you meet her.  However it is when I discovered Keri’s blog that I truly fell in love with everything Keri represented.  Not only was she a super fun,sweet, amazing women, but an extremely talented artist as well.  Watching Keri’s business explode has been such a joy.  She is constantly pushing the envelope with her photography AND her brand.   I mean this girl. HAS. IT. TOGETHER!

So when we decided to launch Beautifully Branded as a new series on this blog Keri instantly came to mind.  I am just THRILLED that she has hopped on board and decided to share her awesomeness with all of you!

You are certainly in for a treat!

Enjoy the inspiration!

~Karen Stott


From Keri ~

From the moment I got my first re-branding draft from Into The Darkroom, I knew I had made the right decision to hire a professional.  I had done the whole “design your own logo in photoshop” thang and thought it was pretty darn cool, however, it never really fit ME as a person.  I really strive for my brand and my marketing materials to represent who I am as a photographer and who I am as a person.  The professions at ITDR really took the time to get to know me, my hobbies and my imagery.  They wanted my vision to shine through in my brand.  Hence the Keri Doolittle retro-branding was born.  The wheels in my head were spinning with ideas on packaging, marketing, contests, etc.  I could really have some fun with this stuff!

Hopefully, my vision shines through to my clients, too.  I have used a metal lunch box (McKenna Pro) to deliver senior images, Jones Soda Bottles to woo wedding vendors and beautiful linen boxes (Container Store) filled with lots of goodies for my bridal meetings.  I want my clients to have the “Keri Doolittle Photography” experience from start to finish.  Sounds like a lot, huh?  It is.  I have been in business for approximately five years and have gone through a lot of revisions when it comes to my marketing.  I have found out what has worked for my business and what doesn’t work for my business.  I wish I could tell you the in’s and out’s of my successes and failures, but I think this is something that will vary from person to person.  For example, I sent out a direct-mail piece to over 1000 local seniors…did I get any bookings from them?  No.  However, I know several photographers who rely heavily on direct marketing and it works for them.

Branding is a very personal process.  How do you want your clients to perceive your business?  Whether it is romantic, funny, classic, bold, modern, vintage, upscale, just make sure to be true to your heart.

I mean seriously…. CHECK HER OUT!!!! How incredible is her blogsite???? I’ve never seen anything like it and it has really stuck in my head.  MASSIVE Brand Power! High Fives Keri!



This lunchbox is RIDICULOUS!!! How stinking cute!


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  • Awesome stuff, Keri! It looks like you put in a ton of work to get all of your collateral material together. I’m impressed! Thanks for sharing, Karen!ReplyCancel

  • Nice post… I love Keri’s branding. ITDR did a really great job for a really great photographer.ReplyCancel

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  • ! That is awesome. LOVE the metal lunchbox. Super unique.ReplyCancel

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