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Waiting For Your Husband | A Devotional By Tiffany Farley



5 years ago, I would have seen the title of this devotional blog post and rolled my eyes. Anything written by Beth Moore made me gag. And Women’s Devotional Bibles? PUL-ease.

And I was a full time Bible School student.

My first week as a Freshman at Bible college I learned the running joke of the campus, that girls came there for their “M-R-S” degree. Everyone was looking for a husband. I remember girls who came from what I labeled as traditional backgrounds, who even used the term “courting”. Girls who didn’t believe in kissing until they were married and saw holding hands as an intimate act. Again, I used to roll my eyes.

Now, before you cast stones or jump in my boat, I am not making a statement of belief concerning any of the above. I am simply explaining where I was at. My perspective. I was single, and thought I had the right to act like it. I made the rules.

Insert YEARS of heartache, confusion, depression, a rotten attitude, and a ton of mistakes.

But this is not a story of woe. This is a change of perspective story. Because God stepped in, and radically changed the way I defined what being single could really mean. In particularly, being single as a woman of God.

And you may think I am crazy. And that is ok with me. In fact, when God told me to write this, I told Him that He was the crazy one. Vulnerability is my biggest dread, and ironically enough, it’s the way He uses me most. ( Sigh )

So at the chance that someone reading this is where I was at. Maybe this will change the way you see yourself too. And maybe, just maybe, it will save you from going down the path God found me on.

Ready for it?

Here’s the change. I no longer view myself as single. Even though, in the world’s eyes I am. Instead, I view myself as already belonging to the one I have yet to meet. So I carry myself and act as though He were already here.

What does that mean?

Well, for starters I don’t flirt with a number of different men. Because as harmless as it may seem to some, when I meet him I don’t want to think to myself, “Oh, well I guess I should stop texting so and so now”, or “stop fooling around with so and so now”, or “letting so and so think we have a chance when I was really just lonely”.

I am careful about situations I put myself in where I could be alone with another guy.

I am mindful as to how I present myself, both in public AND online. ( Don’t get me started on some of the pictures I see uploaded on Christian women’s Facebook profiles. I know, I totally just said that but it’s so true. What message are you trying to send anyway? If you have never heard of clothing, now is the time to google it. It will change your life, I swear.)

The point is, that I wouldn’t be doing those things if he were here.  So why should I do them now? You get where I am going, right?

It may sound intense, but it’s really not. It’s free-ingly simple.  I just want to be ready when he’s here. So I pray for Him like he’s here, and I carry myself as already belonging to him because I hope he is doing the same for me. I know that God has promised me an INCREDIBLE husband, so shouldn’t I be preparing myself to be an INCREDIBLE wife?

I say this from no high horse. I share it only from doing it the wrong way for so long that through God’s grace I finally get it. The one you are dreaming about is worth it don’t you think? And I’m pretty sure, if he’s the right one, he thinks the same about you. 


The End.



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10 comments on “Waiting For Your Husband | A Devotional By Tiffany Farley

  1. Michelle Phillips on said:

    Tiffany this is beautiful and worthwhile for christian ladies to remember. So many women jump into marriage without discovering who they are in Jesus’s eyes. I too have learned and continue to learn that a man will not fulfill my destiny nor give me purpose. It is God and him alone that shows me things about myself that I never knew and makes me feel beautiful when the world just looks at my “non model” like qualities and would have me beleive that I am not. I am strong because Jesus gives me strength. If God allows me to meet a good God fearing man than fine but if not I’m ok with that too. If I never marry then I will wait and meet my prince and king in heaven. It is more worthwhile to wait and pray for the right man than to live with constant aggravation and turmoil as I have witnessed in many marriages. If more women and men waited what a difference there would be in their lives.

  2. Gillian Braun on said:

    One of the best things I’ve ever read written by a single Christian woman. Be encouraged, you are amazing Tiffany! and just so you know, you’re vulnerability is powerful ( :..and inspiring!

  3. Stephanie Meissner on said:

    This is a refreshing, un-trite approach to Christian dating and singleness. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Char Newswanger on said:

    You are lovely, Tiffany Farley.

  5. Christina Mejia on said:


  6. Ginger Murray on said:

    There are nuggets of insight here even for us married girls! Beautiful post, Tiffany.

  7. Ara Lovingonpurpose on said:

    I must share. Great post.

  8. Marcia McIntyre on said:

    Thank you for sharing my thoughts from beginning to end!

  9. Jillian Lauren Liota on said:

    God doesn’t promise that we will get married some day. He promises that HE is the only one who will never leave us. Live with God as your focus, not your **POSSIBLE** future husband as your focus, and life will fall in to place.

  10. Tiffany Farley on said:

    Aw thanks Gillian!

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